GUARDIAN GATE is an owner operated Security Installation, Service & Repair Company which services Durban and surrounding areas.

When considering security ‘must-haves’ remember you need a layered approach, because the most valuable asset a burglar has is time, so any preventative measure installed to delay his entrance is crucial.  Deterrents are not a full proof solution and therefore measures of detection are imperative in not only detecting the presence of an intruder, but providing you with sufficient time to react.

Majority of individuals feel that an alarm system is sufficient, the truth is, when your home alarm goes off, the intruders are already inside your house; it is already too late.

Some of the best ways to secure your home or business in South Africa include:

Automated Gate with Ant-Lift Bracket, Electric Fencing, Motion Detection Beams, CCTV Systems, Voice and Video Intercom System & Burglar Proof Windows 

Choose Guardian Gate for ALL your security needs – We will provide you with sound professional advice and risk management solutions at an affordable price.

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